Our sustainability is rewarded by 3 Ecotable, the French famous label.

For years, Chef Antoine Westermann and his team have been working to enhance the poultry French breeds raised with respect for the animal, but also to offer the best origins on other products on the menu such as citrus fruits, dairy products, eggs, vegetables, sugar, groceries.

After being in the firmament of the 3 Michelin stars , Chef Antoine Westermann continued to curb the azure with today the 3 Ecotables macaroons.

In his eco-responsible restaurant, the chef addresses flexitarians, those who manage their omnivore dilemma by demanding the highest quality of meat with the criteria of responsible breeding, animal welfare, food 70% in the soil, wooded pastures, of complement traced seeds. Those who make eating meat an exceptional moment, and who are willing to pay for quality because it has a price because it delivers live and rises longer.

Ecotable 3 macaroons, not to be won like that, the Ecotable team comes to the restaurant, and scrutinizes its subject with seriousness and rigor.

Today we propose 10 different breeds of poultry, coming from the 4 corners of France in which we find a poultry farming tradition, the gray Gallic recently reintroduced for him by the farm Le Devant in saone and loire, a docile rustic breed.

But also other terroirs make our Rooster sing, such as the fabulous work of the Gers group that breeds the Noire d'Astarac Bigorre, or the Cou Nu du Forez, the Coucou de Rennes, the Nubienne guinea fowl, the black pearl guinea fowl, the AOC de Bresse…

Le restaurant Le Coq et Fils labelisé Etablissement 3 écotables

Reaching the 3 ecotables was the goal of our team from the beginning of this challenge, we needed it internally to integrate our approach by each of us, kitchen team, floor team, and office team.

The 3 ecotables are not just a label: they are a conscience, that of committing as a restaurant to serve the best for us, our health, but also for the environment and the future of our food outside the home.

Today, everyone at Le Coq & Fils knows what it means to be a committed restaurant, and participates with pride and commitment. The 3 ecotables also help us find collaborators who share our values and carry the message of an eco-responsible restaurant further.

At Le Coq & Fils we will always go further in our commitment, for the customer and for the company. We will not stop there and will give you regular updates on our progress. Thank you for your loyalty!