Terrace open all summer!

Enjoy all the sights of Montmartre and treat yourself with Le Coq & fils outdoor seating.

Le Coq & fils located on the top of the butte montmartre a few steps from the Sacré Coeur, loves the outdoors and has been happy for two years to be able to offer its guests outdoor dining. The terrace opens in April until October, and offers stunning views of Rue Lepic.

Our terrace allows you to enjoy the identity of the streets of Montmartre, a stone’s throw from the Montmartre Museum, the Dalí Museum, at the corner of the famous Rue d'Orchamps, our terrace offers a lunch or gourmet dinner stop. You can choose at noon to enjoy a meal of the day, or a few appetizers and then continue your contemplative walk in this charming and bucolic Paris district.

Montmartre, a breath of holidays…

It blows during all the summer this breeze so famous that it never runs out of air, and to savor its suspended moments, which gives us wings, and the time of a meal offers us a moment of vacation. 

Our terrace, along a sidewalk on a paved road and facing the Moulin de la Galette, we believe ourselves transported in time, that of the famous Parisian Bohemia where painters and other artists settled in Montmartre for the quality of its light and set up their workshop to enjoy it.


Le Coq & fils lets his cuisine sing all over Rue Lepic!

Le Coq & fils by Antoine Westermann is voluntarily located in Montmartre, the Chef was looking for a place perched like a rooster on a heap of hay, which would sing every morning at sunrise. The location chosen to install a restaurant and a style of cuisine must be in accordance with the concept. In 2012, Le Coq & fils was the first restaurant of this standing  to play a gourmet menu on the top of Rue Lepic.

Today with the terrace, it feels even more at home since it can make his clients breathe the outdoors.

 Le Coq & fils terrace, cosy atmosphere.

Wooden, for railings as much as the floor, chairs and white tables, candlesticks as modern street lamps on each table. 

The arts of the table remain the same as in the restaurant, we play soft colors, colorful water glasses, either blue or earth color, the rings of wooden towel, towels in linen and cotton fabrics, etc. 

We want the experience to be warm and relaxed, and our beautiful poultry to be at the party on every table!