The atmosphere of a Sunday at Coq & fils

Le Coq & Fils is open all Sunday, noon & evening, for lunch or dinner on the spot, to deliver or to take away.

Être ouvert le dimanche, c’est être au , is being close to the needs of our guests by offering a special time before starting a new week. Sharing a roasted poultry brings all the comfort you need and make you able to gather peopleyou love around a table. Poultry meat is very digest , and brings great protein even more when it is sourced as we do at Le Coq & fils, heritage breed, animal welfare, sustainable and small farmers.

Generous and delicious appetizer at Coq & Fils open all week
Exceptional poultry slowly poached in broth, served with a creamy sauce
Picorez, mangez, et sublimez vos papilles chez Le Coq & Fils
Respect du bien-être animal assuré avec des éleveurs engagés.

Being open on Sunday evening means thinking first and foremost of our customers. It is to think above all about well-being, it is to fulfill our job beyond our comfort for the comfort of our customers. That's why being open on Sunday evenings means knowing that sharing a good meal on the eve of the week is important. It's about spreading good energy, good humor, and well-being.

Le Chef Antoine Westermann au cuisine du restaurant
Cuisine ouverte le dimanche soir avec les meilleurs cuisiniers
Le chef Westermann en action

Open on Sunday evenings: between comfort and reassurance

On Sunday’s night, vibes are different in our restaurant, everything is more smooth, heartwarming, cosy than the other days. A restaurant open on Sunday’s eve offers more intimacy, closer relations to the guests, other spirit of service. Why ? Nobody knows, but you should try it… Being open on Sunday’s evening, it’s offering a moment for the foodies families, the family of heart, of greediness of sharing. A restaurant open on Sunday’s evening, is a restaurant close to the needs of its clients.

What if you invited the Rooster to your home? We also offer take-out and delivery! On Sunday evening with Le Coq at home, it's a moment of serenity and comfort, no need to get in the kitchen, just follow the instructions for reheating the poultry, and those of the accompaniments, and it's done.

Send some text message or call out some friends and family and have a feast. On Sunday evening at Coq & fils, another story is written, you can arrive early, or late, as you wish, and let yourself be pampered, choose a beautiful poultry, a beautiful Coucou de Rennes, a beautiful Cou nu du Forez, a beautiful Pintade Nubienne, or a Caille du Grand Pré, a Paille Noire d'Astarac Bigorre, a Pigeon du Gers or a Pintade Perle Noire, and a Cou nu des vignes de Bourgueil, names that make the terroirs of France sing, that give an air of countryside.

all those name that make sing our French terroir, and take you in a bite on country sides of France.