The dishes of the day speak of tradition

The daily specials create a special and privileged relationship between the customer and the restaurant, at Le Coq & fils we have regulars on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and what a joy to host them every week!

The daily specials speak about tradition, but also offers the option of going to a restaurant, and “just” having a dish.

A dish like at home. By offering daily specials à la carte, Le Coq & fils establishes a privileged relationship with its customers, in simplicity and proximity. 

The daily specials are for those who want to eat well, but just one dish. Those who want to find classic dishes, but with the style of the chef.

The daily specials are aimed at the neighbours, we are the local bistro, you can go down to eat a quality dish and then return to work filled with a beautiful taste awakening.

A unique culinary experience at our show kitchen bar

We can see that a regular of the daily specials will gladly come alone, and Chef Westermann had thought of this well by creating his open kitchen where customers can eat at the bar in front of the cooks. You will often see the bar of our full show kitchen at lunchtime, and people sitting at tables chatting with the kitchen team when the weather permits.

A tempting selection of daily specials not to be missed

Our dishes of the day are poultry sausage, mashed potatoes and poultry jus on Mondays, macaroni gratin & chicken fricassee on Tuesdays, poultry Shepherd's pie on Wednesdays, Chicken with Riesling sauce, mushrooms & Creole rice, and famous Z'oeuf burger on Friday! A real star, this burger with its grilled egg steak a la plancha, red onion chutney with turmeric, herb salad and cottage cheese with sesame oil.

The daily specials are at 19 euros, generous with a tailor-made price, for quality products, exclusively made with our beautiful poultry, and the products of our market gardener in the Lot et Garonne who delivers to us every week twice. Come and book!